Superior diesel engine services

Overhauls – Rebuilds – Repairs – Installation – Servicing – Maintenance

The continuity of your business, the quality of your recreational experience and your safety, are responsibilities that our highly qualified engineers take very seriously – and that’s because we believe only the best diesel engine services will do for you.

You’ll find we stock a huge range of diesel products and parts from all the world’s leading brands. Plus, we service, overhaul, repair and rebuild all makes of marine and industrial diesel enginesgenerators and pumps – and source genuine-brand spare parts.

Add to that, our enviable talent pool of diesel engineering expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, and you’ll begin to see why Shaw Diesels stands unwavering by its provable claim of superior service and quality.

Modern diesel engine used on marine industry

Faster service with hi-tech tools

Here’s how our technology can save you time and money, and have you back up and running as fast as possible:

  • Engine inspections by camera – Your engine won’t need to be taken to bits when we take readings or change a main bearing
  • Diagnoses by laptop – With our specialised software, we can quickly find out what’s wrong, then reset the engine electronically, fixing the cause of the problem at source
  • Precision tooling – We have lathes, mill, welders, grinders and other tools – all tailored to individual engine types.

A snapshot of our services

  • New & Second-hand diesels – new as well as quality, warranted second-hand engines
  • Marine engines – big and small; transmissions and steering systems
  • Industrial engines – for hydraulic power packs
  • Generators – home or industrial, standby and Green Power
  • Pumps – borehole and well pumps; irrigation and effluent pumps
  • Rebuilds – exceptional technical craftsmanship
  • Parts – genuine brand parts
  • Repairs and maintenance – regular servicing and proactive trouble shooting