At Shaw Diesels, we know that power outages are more than just an inconvenience. They can halt operations, cause financial losses and even pose safety risks. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing robust standby generators near me solutions to businesses and residences across New Zealand.


When it comes to quality and performance, our standby generator NZ selection stands unrivalled. Sourced from leading manufacturers, our generators are built for reliability, providing a steadfast power supply during unexpected outages. With a Shaw Diesels standby generator, you’re securing not just a piece of equipment, but peace of mind knowing your power needs are covered.


Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer more than just sales. If you’re looking for a short-term power solution or testing the waters before a purchase, consider our standby generator hire service. It’s a flexible, cost-effective way to ensure your power supply remains uninterrupted, even during the most severe outages.

The strength of a standby power generator lies in its automatic operation. The moment an outage is detected, the generator kicks into action, ensuring a seamless transition that keeps your operations running smoothly. At Shaw Diesels, we offer standby power generators with this precise technology, providing you with a dependable ally in the face of unpredictable power situations.


So, if you’ve ever found yourself searching for ‘standby generators near me‘, remember Shaw Diesels. We’ve got the best standby generator NZ has to offer, an accommodating hire service, and a selection of powerful standby power generators. Equip your home or business with the power of Shaw Diesels, and navigate power outages with confidence and ease.


Portable generators

Portable generators are most often used for emergency power or intermittent uses such as camping and onsite trades work. You’ll want your genset to start up right away, even if it hasn’t been ‘fired up’ for a year or more. And you’ll want it to run safely for as long as needed. Let us supply you with a quality new, reconditioned or rebuild, and schedule you a regular maintenance programme that will see it running smoothly whenever you need it.


Industrial diesel generator on wheels

Industrial generators

We supply, install, service and maintain any sort of industrial genset, from 12kva up to 2200kva – from gensets that will provide electricity for a shop or milking shed, through to gensets big enough to run a sawmill or power station. A regular service and maintenance schedule is essential for keeping these critical generators working, and our engineers will work with you to ensure your genset keeps running. Avoid expensive downtime and delays – call us to discuss your needs. Our engineers are always on-call, so if you experience an emergency, contact us right away. Click through to see our range of low-emission Green Power gensets.


Deutz DPS 44 diesel generator

Standby generators

Standby generators most often are set up to run on mains failure. They stand by to power critical commercial operations, including a company’s computers, and essential people services such as hospitals. To have them cut out could mean a disaster. However, standby gensets can be subject to the harshest treatment, with months or even years of neglect. But when you need your standby genset, you want it to fire up right away and to run smoothly.

Lister Petter builds gensets with this in mind. Everything is designed and tested for durability. They are the first choice where reliability is paramount. Remember – it’s a false economy to skimp on attention for your genset, such as keeping it topped up with diesel, or not doing regular maintenance. We can handle all that for you.


Home generators

In remote areas that have no electricity, for example Great Barrier Island, or Pacific Island resorts, business and communities, the domestic diesel generator is a workhorse that must be reliable.

We supply new, reconditioned and rebuilt home gensets from approximately 5kva upwards, as well as all technical services including maintenance and trouble shooting.