In New Zealand, Shaw Diesels stands as a premier provider for all diesel engine and generator requirements, offering an unmatched generator hire service that stands out for its reliability and efficiency. Whether it’s for industrial use, a large event, or emergency power backup, our extensive range of diesel generator hire options guarantees a solution tailored to your specific requirements. With a reputation built on quality and dependability, Shaw Diesels is the go-to for generator hire Auckland residents choose when looking for reliability. Understanding the urgent nature of power needs, our generator rental services are designed with flexibility and customer satisfaction in mind. From generator hire NZ wide to more localised solutions like local generator hire, we ensure that professional advice and support are just a call away. Our fleet, including diesel generator rental options, caters to various scales of power requirements, ensuring your project or event runs smoothly, without a hitch.

For those in Auckland seeking reliable generator hire Auckland services, Shaw Diesels stands ready to deliver. Not limited to just one region, our services extend to New Zealand generator hire, bringing top-tier equipment and expertise directly to your doorstep. The convenience doesn’t stop there; with generator rentals NZ, finding a diesel generator hire near you has never been easier. Our team’s commitment to excellence makes the process of hiring a generator near me straightforward and hassle-free.

We pride ourselves on being a leading provider in the diesel generator hire and diesel generator rental market. Our local generator rental  service ensures that, no matter where you are in New Zealand, quality power solutions are within reach. The trust placed in us by our clients across the country drives us to continuously improve and expand our offerings, making Shaw Diesels synonymous with generator hire NZ and beyond.


Home Generator for Hire

In New Zealand, where power needs fluctuate as often as the weather, Shaw Diesels emerges as the go-to specialist for robust power solutions. Whether it’s for a large event, a construction site, or simply a backup for your home, our range of generator hires, including the sought-after 10 kVA generator hire and the versatile 5kVA generator hire, ensures that your power needs are met without a hitch.


Industrial diesel generator on wheels

Industrial Generator for Hire

Shaw Diesels stands at the forefront of powering New Zealand’s industries, offering unmatched expertise in diesel engine solutions. Recognising the critical demands of various sectors, we take pride in our comprehensive generator hire service, perfectly suited for projects requiring robust, reliable power.


Deutz DPS 44 diesel generator

Standby Generator for Hire

When it comes to powering your business operations without interruption, Shaw Diesels’ commercial generator rental service is unparalleled in New Zealand. Our extensive inventory is designed to meet the comprehensive needs of various industries, ensuring that your project, event, or emergency situation is backed by reliable and efficient power solutions.


Portable Generator for Hire

In New Zealand, where reliability and flexibility in power supply are paramount, Shaw Diesels stands out as a beacon of support with its portable power generator rental services. Catering to a wide array of needs, from emergency power outages to planned events, our portable generator rental solutions ensure that your operations run smoothly, without the slightest hitch.