Special Builds

Unmatched Performance for Your Unique Needs

At Shaw Diesels, we understand that standard solutions might not always meet the unique requirements of our clients. That’s where our custom pumps come into play. We design and build these pumps based on your specifications, ensuring they perfectly match your needs. Our bespoke service, underpinned by extensive technical knowledge and a dedication to quality, positions us as the go-to source for custom pumps in New Zealand.

Our custom pumps are more than just fit-for-purpose solutions. They are a testament to our commitment to deliver beyond expectations. Each pump is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting durability. Whether it’s for agricultural irrigation, industrial operations, or residential water supply, our custom pumps deliver exceptional results tailored to your specific circumstances.

Choosing Shaw Diesels means opting for the assurance of quality, reliability, and service that goes beyond the sale. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide guidance and technical support, ensuring your custom pumps continually deliver the performance you require. Invest in custom pumps from Shaw Diesels and experience a solution genuinely customised to your unique needs.

Video coming soon. A demonstration of a diesel water pump set

Come back soon to view a short video demonstration of a diesel water pump set that was manufactured in our facility and destined for an island in the Pacific. One of the main features of this system is the easy hand crank starting, as shown in the video.

Diesel water pump for boreholes.

Diesel borehole pumps are customised for installation in an underground well in order to pump water for multiple uses. Many Shaw-Diesels water pump sets are put to good use, providing water for Pacific peoples.

We fabricate simple hand-start and air-cooled pumps for the purpose. All that’s required is to put in the oil and ensure regular servicing and maintenance. It means a lot to us to know that we’re doing our small bit to improve people’s lives by helping advance water quality, through the Pacific Water Association.

diesel irrigation pump

If you’re part of the farming community, you can confidently come to us in the safe knowledge of getting a value-for-money irrigation pump made or sourced specifically for your application. You’ll also appreciate the excellent technical backup provided by our highly-skilled diesel engineers.

We supply, build and maintain diesel water pumps for a wide range of irrigation purposes – with convenient features such as tow-ability and remote start-up.

That means you need a reliable pump that meets your requirement. Talk to us for parts, repairs, and regular servicing and maintenance.


If you have a particular build in mind that requires expertise. We have a design and fabrication team that can tailor a diesel engine and mounting package to suit your application.

Turn key custom builds available for quick turn around.

Some past project mentions include, large industrial fans, Iron sand slurry pumping, concrete pumping and hydraulic power packs.

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